We know all there is to know about the inbound, registration and storage of goods – from smartphone covers to XXL printers and from glassware to sports clothing. We process an extremely wide range of products in our fully digitally managed warehouse.

When your products are delivered, we will accept the shipment. We inspect the products and register the incoming goods in our system. If there is anything amiss with the shipment, we will make sure to inform you quickly. Goods delivered to our warehouse before 1 PM will be ready for sale and shipping that same day, so they can be sent out to your clients as soon as possible.

Next, we store the goods in our warehouse. We have integrated advanced logics into our systems, which allows us to make optimal use of our available warehouse space. For each product, our system determines the right location, depending on e.g. the dimensions, the lead time and the most efficient route for our order pickers. Because we never use more space than necessary, we can operate with optimal efficiency and save our clients from unnecessary expenses.

We conduct cycle counts at least twice a year to check whether the quantities stored in our warehouse match the quantities registered in the system. This lets us safeguard an exceedingly high level of inventory reliability and allows us to take appropriate measures in a timely manner, if necessary.