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Purchasing & inventory

It goes without saying that we offer you real-time insight into up-to-date inventory levels and the status of your orders and that we send you periodical reports with key figures. However, Esseko goes the extra mile. At your request, our purchasing specialists can take your business’s entire purchasing and inventory management processes out of your hands and optimise and safeguard them. As a result, you benefit from optimally efficient and affordable inventory management and your most important products will always be in stock for quick delivery to your clients. You will save on unnecessary inventory expenses and your fulfilment will become more affordable as a result of highly efficient inventory management!

Using several variables (e.g. historical sales, sales expectations and seasonal fluctuations), our specialists use our system to determine the optimal stock level for each product. We monitor your inventory and pro-actively notify you when it is time to order new products. If you want, we can even take the purchasing of new products out of your hands.

We have demonstrated our ability to reduce stock levels by 15-20%, while actually increasing the availability of the products! You can reap the rewards of our efforts, because your most important products will always be in stock and ready to be shipped out to your clients. On top of that, you avoid the costly risks of having unsold stock. Handling your capital more efficiently is another example of the many benefits of using Esseko’s services.

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