IT-integratie Icoon

IT integration

Esseko can offer the complete integration of our systems, our clients’ systems and the systems of any external partners, in order to offer your customer the best possible service. We facilitate smooth data traffic between the relevant IT systems, which results in real-time insight into purchase orders, sales orders and inventory levels and allows us to draw up relevant reports. Naturally, quality and security are our primary concerns.

This technical integration is handled in several ways; we offer various connectors (APIs) for connections with the most common webshop platforms and WMS/CRM systems. For e-commerce platforms in particular, we offer standard plugins for Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce. It is also possible to send your CSV files via our FTP server.

Furthermore, we have the necessary expertise to develop connections that tie in with our clients’ systems. Even if we do not have an API or standard plugin available for your specific platform or system, we can still take care of the technical integration between our own systems and those of our clients and any third parties. Once again, Esseko offers custom solutions that are fully tailored to your exact wishes!