Delivery reliability of 99.9%

Quality, reliability and security – those are the core tenets of our services. We always maintain complete control over the logistical process, we have a professionally guarded warehouse and we offer a delivery guarantee of 99.9%!

Owing to our ample experience in distributing high-quality products, we know exactly how to treat your valuable items. That all starts the moment the products arrive. As soon as a shipment comes in, we check whether it is complete and undamaged and we register each product in our system. If something is amiss, we will report this to you immediately.

Esseko offers top-of-the-line security for your products. That is why we make use of strict procedures regarding anything entering or leaving our warehouse. Our employees are well trained and all have a certificate of good behaviour (VOG). It goes without saying that our warehouse is guarded using high-end surveillance cameras.

Because our entire process is managed digitally, we know exactly where a product is located in our warehouse. On top of that, we check the stock of each product several times throughout the year with the help of cycle counts. This ensures we always maintain full control over the up-to-date stock levels and locations of your products and keeps us from making mistakes during the order-picking process. Esseko’s strength lies in our exceedingly high inventory and delivery reliability!

Reliability also means that you should always know what is happening to your products. Transparency is therefore of the utmost importance to us. We not only offer you complete insight into your inventory and order flows, but our doors are always open to you. Whether you just want to come in to have a look around or spend the entire day working in our office, everything is possible. We have created flexible workplaces for our customers to use by request. Just let us know when you want stop by and we will have the coffee ready and waiting for you!