25 years as a fulfilment specialist

Esseko has more than 25 years of experience as a fulfilment specialist and is an expert in the field of processing high-quality products and efficient inventory management. Our knowledge and experience have allowed us to grow into a strong and reliable logistical partner.

We know exactly how important our clients’ products are, so we treat them carefully. Our people are well trained and specialised in working with high-quality products. Furthermore, our process has been set up to optimally accommodate our activities.

Esseko also stands out with its thorough knowledge of purchasing and inventory optimisation. That is another aspect we can assist your organisation with. We have proven our ability to reduce stock levels by 15-20%, while actually increasing the products’ availability! This protects you from costly risks resulting from unsold inventory, while still making sure that products are always in stock and ready for quick delivery to your clients. If you would like to know more, take a look at our overview of services or contact us.

Our years of experience in the industry have resulted in a network of businesses that we can use to improve the service to your customers. The integration with your own partners and the connection to our network of partner organisations allow us to find new solutions to any problem you may have.