Fast & Scalable

Every business is unique. Esseko therefore offers custom solutions that optimally suit the services you offer your customers. Whether you focus on B-to-B or B-to-C and whether your shipping volume consists of dozens of items one day and hundreds of products the next, Esseko is flexible when it comes to the number and scope of the orders you want us to process for you. As we enable your business to expand, we expand right along with you. Scalability – that is Esseko’s strength!

At Esseko, we value speed and flexibility. We are not a sluggish organisation with slow procedures. Instead, we are an involved fulfilment partner focused on offering your clients the fastest and best service possible. That is why Esseko does not offer standard fulfilment services. Rather, we sit down with you for a personal interview to find the perfect logistical solution for your business. We also make sure that our services continue to optimally suit your organisation – now and in the future!

Esseko is the one-stop shop for your logistics. We offer everything from inbound, storage and distribution of your products to returns management and other Value Added Services. Esseko can even take care of your entire purchasing process and provide pro-active inventory management. Together, we determine what solution would benefit your customers the most and how Esseko can offer you just that. You will then be able to spend your time and energy on expanding your business even further.