What is fulfilment?

In practice, the term “fulfilment” is given a number of different meanings. At Esseko, we use the following definition: “all services needed to successfully deliver a client’s order.

Our basic services include the inbound, storage and shipping of our clients’ goods. As desired, we can offer a range of additional services, including returns management, purchasing optimisation, project management, customer service, etcetera.

For what types of products does Esseko handle the fulfilment?

Our warehouse is equipped to process goods of all shapes and sizes. Most goods we store are handy products that require treatment of the highest quality, e.g. consumer electronics, lifestyle products, barbecues and other costly and/or breakable products. We do not offer fulfilment for products that require conditioned (refrigerated) storage, perishable products or hazardous substances.

With which platforms and systems can Esseko connect?

We can connect to any platform and system. This allows us to facilitate a smooth and secure data stream for e.g. purchase orders, sales orders and inventory information between all relevant IT systems. There are various ways to implement these connections.

We offer several connectors (APIs) with which to create connections with common systems and platforms. For e-commerce platforms, we offer standard plugins for Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce. Furthermore, it is possible to send us CSV files via the FTP server.

Last but not least: we have the necessary in-house expertise to develop connections that suit our clients’ systems. Even if we do not have an API or a standard plugin available for your platform or system, we can still provide the technical integration between our own systems and those of our clients and any third parties.

What are the costs of fulfilment?

We tailor our services to each client’s specific needs and wishes. We therefore cannot offer a standard answer to this question.

For each of our services, we charge specified costs and clients only pay for the work we actually did. We will e.g. never charge a standard project management fee.

This approach ensures our costs are always transparent and scalable and that they are perfectly in sync with the developments in our clients’ business.

Can you ship products using my own packaging materials?

Yes, Esseko offers custom fulfilment solutions. This includes shipping in your own packaging materials, sealing with your own tape or filling boxes with your own padding.

What is Esseko’s cut-off time?

On working days, Esseko processes orders until 10 PM. Orders from the Netherlands and Belgium that we receive before 10 PM will be delivered to the client/consumer the very next day. Different cut-off times may apply to shipments to countries other than the Netherlands and Belgium.

What carriers can I use via Esseko?

Esseko can send shipments all over the world via more than 300 carriers. This lets us use hundreds of different shipping options offered by all these carriers. There will always be a perfect solution for our client’s specific wishes.

We usually send shipments at affordable rates using Esseko’s shipping contracts. If you want, we can also use our clients’ contracts.

Do you offer courier services, express delivery, same-day delivery and evening delivery?

Yes, Esseko works together with more than 300 carriers, which lets us choose from many hundreds of different shipping options. Based on our client’s wishes, we select the best carrier and shipping option for the shipment in question. This includes courier services, express delivery, same-day delivery, evening delivery and the transport of extremely large and/or heavy products.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, Esseko can ship to any destination in the world.

Can I ship pallets via Esseko?

Yes. At Esseko, we process shipments of all shapes and sizes. Our clients can ship anything from small parcels to entire trailer loads and everything in between.

Can my client or I pick up the order ourselves?

Yes, on working days between 12 PM and 8 PM, orders can be picked up from our central warehouse in Utrecht. When submitting the order, you can let us know that it will be picked up. We will inform you (or your client) once the order has been processed and make sure it is ready for you when you get here.

Can I ship to both consumers and businesses?

Yes. Esseko has years of experience with the handling of both B2B (professional) and B2C (private) shipments. Our clients often deliver to both consumers and businesses. They appreciate the options of maintaining one centralised inventory and offering their clients uniformity of service.