Esseko started out in 1992 as the logistical service provider behind Five 4 U. This wholesaler offers a specialised range of Apple and Apple-related products. This is the foundation for Esseko’s years of knowledge and experience with the processing of high-quality products. Over time, Five 4 U became the foremost Apple specialist in the Benelux’s distribution landscape. The increasing diversity of its clients, the exponential growth of its number of goods movements and the rapid changes taking place in the world of retail resulted in new and different requirements for the logistical processes. Esseko has always managed to adapt adequately to the changing demands that came with this growth and diversification.

In the early years, the different functions only existed on paper and automation was just a very minor aspect of the handling of the order flow. We often knew the end clients personally and knew exactly how to exceed their expectations. There were hardly any standard processes. If, on occasion, we had to do something different than usual to ensure the client’s success, that simply got done one way or another.

Today, Esseko has a professional warehouse in which all goods movements are controlled and monitored by IT solutions. The company consists of over fifty well-trained people, each of whom is passionate about logistics, retail and e-tail. However, the essence of our relationships with our clients has remained the same throughout the years. We still believe that personal attention for and true dedication to each individual client’s business leads to a long-term, successful cooperation.

In a market in which logistical service providers appear to be interchangeable, our people are of the utmost importance. Whether they work in purchasing, sales, logistics, IT or the administrative department; they are the ones who make sure that both our clients and our clients’ clients actually reap the benefits of our efforts.

These days, we offer our services to a much wider range of clients. Our portfolio includes the “big fish” of Benelux retailers and promising (online) start-ups that have only recently outgrown their start-up phase. Any business looking for a high-quality logistical service provider that offers custom solutions can contact us. We are happy to note that our approach resonates with partners in all kinds of industries. We handle a multi-pallet order to the north of Norway with the same ease as a time-bound web order that comes in through one of our affiliated webshops.